BMI 703 - Precision Medicine I: Genomic Medicine

Course Director: Isaac Kohane

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Thursdays 2–5pm starting September 8, 2016
Open to all Harvard and MIT students. To enroll, email CV and brief statement of interest to Aimee Smith.

It has been often repeated that the human genome project will transform medicine. In this course we will explore the ways in which genomics is indeed changing the processes of diagnoses and therapy but also the ways in which genomics recasts well-worn medical challenges in the context of the “big data” now generated across multiple measurement modalities in medicine. Like other scientific revolutions in measurement, but in its own unique way, genomics poses some practical and philosophical challenges about the nature of identity, disease and ethnicity. In the context of the economics of healthcare and the advent of precision medicine, these challenges require careful analytic and data-driven approaches which will be addressed in this course.