The Department of Biomedical Informatics (DBMI) at Harvard Medical School stands in solidarity with scientists in Ukraine. We are concerned for their safety in the face of the horrific and senseless aggression. We also support scientists in Russia and Belarus who voice their anti-war position, risking oppression from the increasingly totalitarian regimes.

To aid these young scientists, the department opens funded visiting trainee positions for current PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. The department focuses on research in computational biology, computational genetics and genomics, and biomedical data science, and will consider applications in these areas. We plan to work with colleagues across departments and at other universities to connect young scientists in need with research labs in other fields.

We hope that academic life will return to Ukraine and young scientists will have a chance to again pursue research careers at home. Therefore, Ukrainian trainees would be able to be formally affiliated with their home programs while broadening their scientific horizons at Harvard. For young scientists from Russia and Belarus, while we do not find a formal relationship with academic institutions possible at this time, we are happy to host them and work with their academic advisors individually.

We understand that many young scientists are now stranded in third countries where they were able to relocate. Working with the Harvard Global Office and the Harvard International Office, we will consider visa sponsorship and, in some cases, supporting remote work during visa processing time if appropriate work authorization is in place.

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