BMI 715 - Computational Statistics for Biomedical Sciences

Faculty: Peter Park

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This course will provide a practical introduction to analysis of biological and biomedical data. Basic statistical techniques will be covered, including descriptive statistics, elements of probability, hypothesis testing, nonparametric methods, correlation analysis, and linear regression. Emphasis will be on how to choose appropriate statistical tests and how to assess statistical significance. To visualize data and carry out statistical testing, students will learn R, a powerful programming language for statistical computing and graphics. No previous knowledge in statistics or programming is required, although those with no programming experience will be expected to devote a significant amount of extra time. The class will be a combination of lecture and computer lab. This course is geared toward graduate students, but postdoctoral fellows and others are welcomed as space allows.

Fall 2 Semester 2018
Room: Countway 403

Meeting Times: Tuesday/Thursday 9:45AM-11:15AM
Meeting Dates: 

  • Week 8- October 23, 25                                   
  • Week 9- October 30, November 1          
  • Week 10- November 6, 8                             
  • Week 11- November 13, 15                                 
  • Week 12- November 20                          
  • Week 13- November 27, 29                            
  • Week 14- December 4, 6
  • Week 15- December 11