Topics in Translational Biomedical Informatics

4 credits, Fall Semester

This course is designed to encompass the breadth of research in biomedical informatics, both landmark and cutting edge work organized by four main themes in biomedicine: Disease Risk and Phenotypic variation, Machine aided Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Prognostics. The other main objective of the course is to teach students how to critically appraise the literature, including assessments of relevance, study design, methodology, statistical rigor and generalizability. The course is structured in a seminar format to encourage active learning, participation, discussion, and teamwork. Students will present twice, 1-2 papers each time, once in a pair with another student and once individually.  The quality of the student presentations will be assessed by considering the (1) content i.e. breadth of review of the literature, critical appraisal of the paper at hand and (2) format i.e. organization and flow of ideas.

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