Global Health Informatics

This course is taught by speakers who are internationally recognized experts in the field of global health informatics and who, with their operational experiences, will outline the challenges they faced and describe how they were addressed. This offering is a continuation of our overall objective to study the development of innovations in information systems to accelerate improvements in health outcomes for developing countries. The main themes of the course are: (1) identifying key challenges and real problems, (2) design paradigms and approaches, and (3) evaluation and the challenges in measuring impact. This course is structured as a project-based course, with students working in small teams collaborating with international partners and universities on actual informatics projects and implementations. Students will work in multidisciplinary international teams and gain hands-on experience facing the challenges of implementing information technologies and working in resource poor settings. Weekly lectures led by internationally recognized experts in the field will be supplemented by a practicum of intensive lab hours focused on the team projects guided by mentors from a diversity of backgrounds including public health, engineering, informatics, and business.

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