NSF National Symposium on Drug Repurposing for Future Pandemics

Transforming today’s tools into ready-to-use solutions to fight future pathogens

The National Symposium on Drug Repurposing for Future Pandemics, organized on behalf of the National Science Foundation, is a new conference that will provide a forum for researchers to discuss ways to expedite the development of therapeutics. The Symposium will bring together experts across medicine, biology, statistics, and computer science to put forward recommendations for transforming today’s tools into solutions for future pandemics. 

The event will be a two-day virtual symposium held November 17–18, 2020. Register at https://www.drugsymposium.org.

General Chairs

Marinka Zitnik
Jure Leskovec

Web Chairs

Xiang Zhang
Mert Erden

Public Relations Chairs

Michelle M. Li
Marissa Sumathipala

Social Media

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