Google streetview camera car

In Google Maps, you can zoom in and see traffic jams between you and your destination, locate nearby restaurants and find out their hours. Parents Geraldine Bliss and Megan O’Boyle from the Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation (PMSF), together with data scientist Paul Avillach, MD, PhD, have accomplished an analogous feat for Phelan-McDermid Syndrome.

Photo of students and faculty in Computationally-Enabled Medicine classroom

There was no sugarcoating the day’s topics. What can data science tell us about the intelligence of Ashkenazi Jews? Can bioinformatics give us insights into how prehistoric human migrations have influenced genetic diseases today? What can data mining reveal about health disparities among different ethnicities? More importantly, can these data—and their interpretation—be trusted?

stock photo of opioid pills

The possible link between physicians’ opioid prescription patterns and subsequent abuse has occupied the attention of a nation in the throes of an opioid crisis looking for ways to stem what experts have dubbed an epidemic.

cracked goldfish bowl

Harvard Medicine, formerly known as the Harvard Medical Alumni Bulletin, has been going strong since 1927. Published three times a year, the magazine captures the work of the Harvard Medical School research and alumni communities and illuminates their contributions to human health.

Joe Kossowsky

Today we feature Joe Kossowsky, PhD, MMSc, who graduated in 2017.

Julia O'Rourke

Today we feature Julia O’Rourke, MS, PhD, MMSc, who graduated in 2012.

Wei-Hung Weng

Today we feature Wei-Hung Weng, who graduated in 2017 and is now working on a PhD at MIT.

Shakti Ramkissoon, MD, PhD, MMSc ’17

Today we feature Shakti Ramkissoon, who graduated in 2013 and currently serves as Associate Medical...