Dhawal Jain
Dhawal Jain, PhD
Research Fellow in Biomedical Informatics
Mentor: Peter Park, PhD

Dhawal Jain did his doctoral work in chromatin dynamics from the Ludwig Maximilians university, Germany (and as a part of International Max-Planck research school). His research focused on assessing changes in chromatin structure in the wake of nucleosome remodeling factors. In the Park lab, Jain focuses on exploring roles of chromatin factors in regulating transcription process and explores his interests in immuno-oncology. Besides science, he keeps his active interests in classical music and hiking.  

EED, a member of the polycomb group, is required for nephron differentiation and the maintenance of nephron progenitor cells.
Authors: Zhang L, Ettou S, Khalid M, Taglienti M, Jain D, Jung YL, Seager C, Liu Y, Ng KH, Park PJ, Kreidberg JA.
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A role for tuned levels of nucleosome remodeler subunit ACF1 during Drosophila oogenesis.
Authors: Börner K, Jain D, Vazquez-Pianzola P, Vengadasalam S, Steffen N, Fyodorov DV, Tomancak P, Konev A, Suter B, Becker PB.
Dev Biol
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