BMI 741 - Health Information and Technology: From Ideation to Implementation

Faculty: Adam Landman

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As the US healthcare system moves from a fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement system and seeks to deliver higher quality care more efficiently, there is increased need and opportunity for innovation. Clinical Informatics analyzes, designs, implements, and evaluates information and communication systems to enhance health outcomes, to improve patient care, and to enable healthcare transformation. This class applies health information technology (HIT) to solve health care problems, teaching the skills to identify health care needs and pain points, design technology-based solutions (new solution, optimize existing system, or purchase vendor solution), and lead successful implementations. Course activities will include lectures, panel discussions, and laboratory sessions. Expert speakers from hospitals, technology vendors, and start-ups will present real-world examples and share lessons learned. Course participants will complete a longitudinal group project proposing an HIT innovation project; this project may serve as the basis for start-ups, fellowship projects, and research theses.

Spring Semester 2018  

Meeting Times: Wednesday 2PM-5PM
Meeting Dates: 

  • Week 1- 1/24                                   
  • Week 2- 1/31          
  • Week 3- 2/7                                    
  • Week 4- 2/14                                  
  • Week 5- 2/21                                  
  • Week 6- 2/28                                    
  • Week 7- 3/7    
  • Week 8- 3/21                                 
  • Week 9- 3/28
  • Week 10- 4/4
  • Week 11- 4/11
  • Week 12- 4/18
  • Week 13- 4/25
  • Week 14- 5/2