Logo for DBMI Committee on Diversity, Equity, and InclusionThe Department of Biomedical Informatics at Harvard Medical School is committed to fostering an inclusive, diverse and equitable environment where all community members feel respected, supported and empowered to thrive. We recognize the continuous nature of this work and embrace our responsibility to continue to improve and learn. We acknowledge that each individual in our community has a unique personal narrative and surmounted hurdles and barriers before joining our Department. We value these diverse narratives, identities and experiences and commit to work to enhance the recruitment, retention and belonging of community members from all backgrounds. Further, we recognize that Harvard Medical School influences the area beyond our immediate campus; and thus, we recognize the surrounding neighborhood as an integral member of our community.

As world leaders in biomedical informatics education and research, we acknowledge our privilege and responsibility to advance the efforts to uncover, inform and help mitigate inequities in the field. We strive to provide our trainees with the context and tools needed to build an equitable research and health care system as future leaders in biomedical informatics.