The Gilbert S. Omenn Lecture

Gilbert S. OmennThis annual lecture is made possible through the generosity of Gilbert S. Omenn, MD ’65, PhD. Omenn is the Harold T. Shapiro Distinguished University Professor of Computational Medicine & Bioinformatics, Internal Medicine, Human Genetics, and Public Health at the University of Michigan. He served HMS as Class President, President of the Harvard Medical Alumni Association, namesake for the Omenn Reading Room of the Jeffrey Modell Center for Immunodeficiency Disorders, chairs the HMS/HSDM Visiting Committee, and serves on the HMS Advisory Council on Education and the DBMI Advisory Council. He was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator and president of the AAAS. He was elected to the Institute of Medicine/National Academy of Medicine in 1978, the American Academy of Arts & Sciences in 2001, and the American College of Medical Informatics in 2009.