Tianx Cai
Tianxi Cai, ScD
Professor of Biomedical Informatics, Harvard Medical School
John Rock Professor of Population and Translational Data Sciences, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Director, Translational Data Science Center for a Learning Health System (CELEHS)
10 Shattuck Street, Room 434, Boston, MA 02115

Tianxi Cai is a major player in developing analytical tools for mining EHR data and predictive modeling with biomedical data. She provides statistical leadership on several large-scale projects, including the NIH-funded Undiagnosed Diseases Network at DBMI. Cai's research lab develops novel statistical and machine learning methods for several areas including clinical trials, real world evidence, and personalized medicine using genomic and phenomic data. Cai received her ScD in Biostatistics at Harvard and was an assistant professor at the University of Washington before returning to Harvard as a faculty member in 2002.

DBMI Research Areas
Incorporating natural language processing to improve classification of axial spondyloarthritis using electronic health records.
Authors: Zhao SS, Hong C, Cai T, Xu C, Huang J, Ermann J, Goodson NJ, Solomon DH, Cai T, Liao KP.
Rheumatology (Oxford)
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High density lipoprotein and its apolipoprotein-defined subspecies and risk of dementia.
Authors: Koch M, DeKosky ST, Goodman M, Sun J, Furtado JD, Fitzpatrick AL, Mackey RH, Cai T, Lopez OL, Kuller LH, Mukamal KJ, Jensen MK.
J Lipid Res
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Plasma CD36 and Incident Diabetes: A Case-Cohort Study in Danish Men and Women.
Authors: Wang Y, Zhu J, Aroner S, Overvad K, Cai T, Yang M, Tjønneland A, Handberg A, Jensen MK.
Diabetes Metab J
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Classifying Pseudogout using Machine Learning Approaches with Electronic Health Record Data.
Authors: Tedeschi SK, Cai T, He Z, Ahuja Y, Hong C, Yates KA, Dahal K, Xu C, Lyu H, Yoshida K, Solomon DH, Cai T, Liao KP.
Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken)
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Integrating questionnaire measures for transdiagnostic psychiatric phenotyping using word2vec.
Authors: Sonabend W A, Pellegrini AM, Chan S, Brown HE, Rosenquist JN, Vuijk PJ, Doyle AE, Perlis RH, Cai T.
PLoS One
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Clinical Concept Embeddings Learned from Massive Sources of Multimodal Medical Data.
Authors: Beam AL, Kompa B, Schmaltz A, Fried I, Weber G, Palmer N, Shi X, Cai T, Kohane IS.
Pac Symp Biocomput
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Estimating average treatment effects with a double-index propensity score.
Authors: Cheng D, Chakrabortty A, Ananthakrishnan AN, Cai T.
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High-throughput phenotyping with electronic medical record data using a common semi-supervised approach (PheCAP).
Authors: Zhang Y, Cai T, Yu S, Cho K, Hong C, Sun J, Huang J, Ho YL, Ananthakrishnan AN, Xia Z, Shaw SY, Gainer V, Castro V, Link N, Honerlaw J, Huang S, Gagnon D, Karlson EW, Plenge RM, Szolovits P, Savova G, Churchill S, O'Donnell C, Murphy SN, Gaziano JM, Kohane I, Cai T, Liao KP.
Nat Protoc
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Automated grouping of medical codes via multiview banded spectral clustering.
Authors: Zhang L, Zhang Y, Cai T, Ahuja Y, He Z, Ho YL, Beam A, Cho K, Carroll R, Denny J, Kohane I, Liao K, Cai T.
J Biomed Inform
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EXTraction of EMR numerical data: an efficient and generalizable tool to EXTEND clinical research.
Authors: Cai T, Zhang L, Yang N, Kumamaru KK, Rybicki FJ, Cai T, Liao KP.
BMC Med Inform Decis Mak
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