Pranav Rajpurkar

Pranav Rajpurkar, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics

10 Shattuck Street, Boston, MA 02115

Pranav Rajpurkar is driven by a fundamental passion for building reliable artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for biomedical decision making. His lab approaches biomedical problems with a computational lens, developing AI algorithms, datasets, and interfaces that cut across computer vision, natural language processing, and structured health data. He has collaborated with clinicians across medical specialties, including radiology, cardiology, and pathology, to make some of the first demonstrations of expert-level deep learning algorithms and their effects on clinician decision making. Previously, Dr. Rajpurkar received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees, all in Computer Science from Stanford University.

His lab’s current research directions include algorithm development for limited labeled data settings, high-quality dataset curation at scale, and the design of effective clinician-AI collaboration setups.

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In the News

Heterogeneity and predictors of the effects of AI assistance on radiologists.
Authors: Yu F, Moehring A, Banerjee O, Salz T, Agarwal N, Rajpurkar P.
Nat Med
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The MAIDA initiative: establishing a framework for global medical-imaging data sharing.
Authors: Saenz A, Chen E, Marklund H, Rajpurkar P.
Lancet Digit Health
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A framework for integrating artificial intelligence for clinical care with continuous therapeutic monitoring.
Authors: Chen E, Prakash S, Janapa Reddi V, Kim D, Rajpurkar P.
Nat Biomed Eng
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AI-clinician collaboration via disagreement prediction: A decision pipeline and retrospective analysis of real-world radiologist-AI interactions.
Authors: Sanchez M, Alford K, Krishna V, Huynh TM, Nguyen CDT, Lungren MP, Truong SQH, Rajpurkar P.
Cell Rep Med
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Autonomous AI systems in the face of liability, regulations and costs.
Authors: Saenz AD, Harned Z, Banerjee O, Abràmoff MD, Rajpurkar P.
NPJ Digit Med
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Evaluating progress in automatic chest X-ray radiology report generation.
Authors: Yu F, Endo M, Krishnan R, Pan I, Tsai A, Reis EP, Fonseca EKUN, Lee HMH, Abad ZSH, Ng AY, Langlotz CP, Venugopal VK, Rajpurkar P.
Patterns (N Y)
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The Current and Future State of AI Interpretation of Medical Images.
Authors: Rajpurkar P, Lungren MP.
N Engl J Med
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Development of an artificial intelligence-derived histologic signature associated with adjuvant gemcitabine treatment outcomes in pancreatic cancer.
Authors: Nimgaonkar V, Krishna V, Krishna V, Tiu E, Joshi A, Vrabac D, Bhambhvani H, Smith K, Johansen JS, Makawita S, Musher B, Mehta A, Hendifar A, Wainberg Z, Sohal D, Fountzilas C, Singhi A, Rajpurkar P, Collisson EA.
Cell Rep Med
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Predicting patient decompensation from continuous physiologic monitoring in the emergency department.
Authors: Sundrani S, Chen J, Jin BT, Abad ZSH, Rajpurkar P, Kim D.
NPJ Digit Med
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Foundation models for generalist medical artificial intelligence.
Authors: Moor M, Banerjee O, Abad ZSH, Krumholz HM, Leskovec J, Topol EJ, Rajpurkar P.
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