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PM23: Precision Medicine Without Borders


Tuesday, Sept 19, 2023


This year our annual meeting, PM23: Precision Medicine Without Borders, will focus on emerging topics as well as long-standing challenges at the intersection of precision medicine* and global health. For decades, global health scholars like the heroic Paul Farmer have grappled with and written about the challenges of improving individual and population health across borders, including designing “effector arms”** that are aware of the social roots and structural inequities that cause or exacerbate disease. Precision medicine recasts these familiar global health challenges in the molecular era, forcing us to confront foundational questions about how molecular diagnostics and treatments can be scaled and delivered globally, how biobanks should be designed, what variation is “normal,” and which technologies might help us cross the implementation gap. This conference will provide a platform to discuss these supranational questions about global precision medicine.

To achieve these goals, we will convene expert scientists from academia and industry who are developing new applications and technologies for precision medicine and global health. We will frame these discussions around how best to improve precision medicine for all populations. As we have done in years past, we will center on elevating the patient voice.

The panels will discuss:

  1. Biobanking around the world
  2. Bringing genomics into public health
  3. The implementation gap

* Precision medicine is a useful framework to think about treatment and gives us the framework to think objectively and constructively about many axes of the human experience including ethnicity, race and medicine.