BMI 701 - Foundations in Biomedical Informatics I (Fall, Adam Wright)

BMI 703 - Precision Medicine I: Genomic Medicine (Fall, Isaac Kohane)

BMI 704 - Data Science I: Analytic Methods for Connecting the Exposome, the Genome and the Phenome (Spring, Chirag Patel)

BMI 705 - Precision Medicine II: Integrating Clinical and Genomic Data (Fall, Paul Avillach)

BMI 706 - Data Science II: Data Visualization for Biomedical Applications (Spring, Nils Gehlenborg)

BMI 713 - Computational Statistics for Biomedical Sciences (Fall, Peter Park)

BMI 720 - Global Health Informatics (Fall, Charles Safran, Steven Horng)

BMI 728 - Global Health Informatics (Spring, Leo Anthony Gutierrez Celi)

BMI 741 - Health Information and Technology: From Ideation to Implementation (Spring, Adam Landman)

BMI XXX - Introduction to Quantitative Methods (Fall, Nils Gehlenborg)

BMI ZZZ - Topics in Biomedical Informatics (Fall, Maha Farhat, Chirag Patel)