Date Time Topic Lecturer
Week 1      
Monday, June 11 9:30–10:30am HMS Orientation: Welcome Breakfast  
  10:30–11:30am HMS Orientation: Onboarding/Admin  
  Afternoon Meetings with research mentors  
  7:00–8:00pm Northeastern Orientation  
Tuesday, June 12 9:30–10:30am What to Expect from SIBMI Susanne Churchill
  11:00am–12:00pm Overview Isaac Kohane
  Afternoon Meetings with research mentors  
  3:30pm Ice Cream Social  
Wednesday, June 13 8:00am–6:00pm Data-Powered Strategies to Counteract Antibiotic Resistance Conference  
Thursday, June 14 9:30–10:30am Actionable Use of Provider Data Gabriel Brat
  11:00am–12:00pm Sequencing Cancer Genomes Peter Park
  12:00–1:30pm Lunch with speaker Park
Week 2      
Tuesday, June 19 9:30–10:30am Transcription Factors and DNA Regulatory Elements Martha Bulyk
  11:00am–12:00pm Imaging, Sharing & Programming Genomes & Cells George Church
Thursday, June 21 9:30–10:30am Treasure Hunt Isaac Kohane
  11:00am–12:00pm Perspectives on Cancer Precision Medicine Todd Golub
  12:00–1:30pm Lunch with speaker Golub
Friday, June 22 9:30–10:30am Antibiotic Resistance Evolution Michael Baym
Week 3      
Tuesday, June 26 8:00am–5:00pm Precision Medicine 2018: Assembling the Puzzle Conference  
Thursday, June 28 9:30–10:30am The Healthcare Apps Economy Kenneth Mandl
  11:00am–12:00pm Health Analytics from Transactional Billing Data Nathan Palmer
  12:00–1:30pm Lunch with speaker Palmer
Friday, June 29 9:30–10:30am Lecture Arlene Sharpe
Week 4      
Tuesday, July 3 9:30am–12:00pm Biomarkers or Biomarkup? How Important Biological Indicators Can Help Health and Be Manipulated by Money Isaac Kohane
Thursday, July 5 9:30–10:30am Artificial Intelligence in Pathology Diagnosis Kun-Hsing Yu
  11:00am–12:00pm Analysis and Applications of Single-Cell Transcriptomics Peter Kharchenko
  12:00–1:30pm Lunch with speaker Kharchenko
Week 5      
Monday, July 9 9:00–10:00am Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Using EHR for Discovery Research Ashwin Ananthakrishnan
Tuesday, July 10 9:30am–12:00pm Precision Medicine: Theory and Practice Matt Might
  12:00–1:30pm Lunch with speaker Might
Thursday, July 12 9:30am–12:00pm Introduction to Cloud Computing for Biomedical Research Paul Avillach
  12:00–1:30pm Lunch with speaker Avillach
Week 6      
Tuesday, July 17 9:30–10:30am Deep Learning 101 Andrew Beam
  11:00am–12:00pm Creating a Search Engine for Environmental Exposures in Disease Risk Chirag Patel
  5:00–7:00pm Career Counseling with Pizza! Isaac Kohane
Wednesday, July 18 9:30–10:30am Reproducibility and Machine Learning Raj Manrai
Thursday, July 19 9:30–10:30am Mining Social Media for Healthcare Discovery John Brownstein
  11:00am–12:00pm Informatics for Global Health Maha Farhat
  12:00–1:30pm Lunch with speaker Farhat
Friday, July 20 9:30–10:30am Using Network Medicine to Understand Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Edwin Silverman
Week 7      
Tuesday, July 24 9:30–10:30am Visualization of Biomedical Data Nils Gehlenborg
  11:00am–12:00pm Matching Patients and Scientists: Algorithms to Link Patient Records and Facilitate Team Science Griffin Weber
Thursday, July 26 9:30–10:30am Bioinformatics for Microbial Communities and the Human Microbiome Curtis Huttenhower
  11:00am–12:00pm Insights from Healthcare Provider Data Sebastian Schneeweiss
  12:00–1:30pm Lunch with speaker Schneeweiss
Week 8      
Tuesday, July 31 9:30–10:30am Applications of Big Data and Bioinformatics for Rheumatoid Arthritis Katherine Liao
  11:00am–12:00pm The Origin and the Effect of Human Mutations Shamil Sunyaev
Thursday, August 2 9:30–10:30am Meta-Analysis Soumya Raychaudhuri
  11:00am–12:00pm Supporting Genomics in the Practice of Medicine Heidi Rehm
  12:00–1:00pm Lunch with speaker Rehm
Week 9      
Monday, August 6 8:30am–12:30pm Presentation Rehearsal  
Wednesday, August 8 8:30am–1:00pm PRESENTATIONS  
  1:00–2:00pm CELEBRATION LUNCH