HMS Biomedical Informatics Pioneer Named Editor-in-Chief of New AI Journal

Isaac Kohane will lead journal’s foray to illuminate pressing questions in the field of medical AI

Photo of Isaac Kohane over a blue background

At a glance:

  • New journal aims to generate evidence for medical uses of AI
  • Properly evaluated AI tools can help inform clinical and regulatory decision-making, which ultimately benefits patients
  • HMS experts to steer new AI journal as part of journey to transform the field of clinical AI

Isaac Kohane, founding chair of DBMI, will be the inaugural editor-in-chief of NEJM AI,the new AI-themed journal from NEJM Group, the publisher of the New England Journal of Medicine.

The mission of the new journalis to generate and publish rigorous evidence to help researchers, clinicians, health care leaders and policymakers in their efforts to harness the promise of AI to transform medicine. The content will aim to illuminate some of the most critical questions in the field of clinical AI by analyzing emerging evidence in a manner that can help inform clinical and regulatory decision-making.

“The field of AI has reached a crucial inflection point, and medicine can reap tremendous benefits from advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, as long as these advances are harnessed in an evidence-based, informed, safe, and ethical manner,” said Kohane. “The goal of NEJM AI is to help inform the field to do just that.

“Some of the most pressing questions in medicine can be advanced through the application of AI in the clinic,” he added.

For example, which clinical trial is the best for a patient with a specific type of cancer, based on the tumor’s genetic profile and the patient’s medical history? Which recommended preventive medicine interventions should a patient consider? What is the best AI tool to discern benign skin lesions from the earliest cell mutations portending melanoma for individuals of all skin colors?

“Insights into these questions and evaluating rigorously the evidence behind AI tools that purport to address them can help propel the field of clinical AI forward and realize AI’s promise to benefit both patients and clinicians,” said Kohane.

Screenshot of Isaac Kohane
Isaac Kohane discusses efficacy testing of artificial intelligence widgets and his appointment as inaugural editor-in-chief of NEJM AI.