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First Symposium on Artificial Intelligence for Learning Health Systems (SAIL) to be held in Bermuda April 2020.

SAIL logo and text (Symposium on Artificial Intelligence for Learning Health Systems: Integrating AI into clinical medicine

Note: Originally planned for April 2020, the first SAIL conference instead became a virtual Presymposium due to COVID-19. View the video or read the summary, More Intelligent Medicine.

The Symposium on Artificial Intelligence for Learning Health Systems (SAIL) is a new annual international conference exploring the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques into clinical medicine. SAIL, which will be held in Hamilton, Bermuda on April 27–29, 2020, provides a forum for clinicians, clinical informaticians and AI researchers to discuss approaches and challenges to using these techniques in the healthcare domain. Registration will open in February 2020.

Call for Abstracts (Deadline December 20, 2019)

The SAIL program committee solicits abstracts for podium or poster presentations designed to generate fruitful discussion (and debate!) among conference attendees from diverse backgrounds (clinicians, clinical informaticians, computer scientists, payors, and regulators).

Example research themes include:

  • addressing key challenges in combining AI with clinical workflows (e.g., clinical decision support, human computer interaction, interpretability, active learning, etc.)
  • deploying intelligent systems at scale (e.g., fairness, privacy, generalizability across institutions over time, real-time prediction, regulatory compliance)
  • data analysis and integration (e.g., deep learning, machine learning, multimodal representation learning, natural language processing, automated phenotyping, etc.).

Program Committee

The inaugural Program Committee of SAIL is led by Jessie Tenenbaum (Duke), Jason Moore (UPenn), Nicholas Tatonetti (Columbia), Suchi Saria (Johns Hopkins), and Isaac Kohane (Harvard).

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