Aishwarya Chander
Aishwarya Chander, MBI
Master of Biomedical Informatics, Class of 2023

Aishwarya completed her B.Sc. Honors in Biomedical Sciences from SRIHER, India, where her research focused on using proteomics to decipher the intricacies of the hDvl-1 protein and Wnt signaling pathway. Further, she actively volunteered as a COVID-19 researcher and joined MIODx Inc. as a Research Assistant to help build a range of immuno-bioinformatics tools. Aishwarya dreams of amalgamating her passion for science and business to start her own venture, focusing on building and distributing a multiomics integrated EHR system capable of unifying a range of diverse healthcare data. Her research interests include multiomics, computational immunology, biology of ageing, biomedical data visualization, AI-assisted electronic health record systems. 

Previous Education 

BS, Biomedical Science - Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research