Denis Agniel
Denis Agniel, PhD
Lecturer on Biomedical Informatics, Part-time, Harvard Medical School

Denis Agniel received his PhD from the Harvard School of Public Health under the supervision of Tianxi Cai.  Agniel’s research was focused on statistical methods for complex phenotypes where diverse measurements are required to accurately capture the multidimensionality of disorders. In this work, he used semi- and non-parametric methods to, for example, answer questions relating to genetic risk for multiple autoimmune diseases or detect genetic variants affecting HIV disease progression. His current research is primarily focused in three areas: (1) Using statistical methods for producing accurate data-driven phenotypes for heterogeneous neuropsychiatric disorders when true disease phenotypes are unknown. Of particular interest is incorporating longitudinal and time-to-event information into phenotype classification. (2) Understanding the impact of interdisciplinarity on translational science and, in particular, using large bibliometric databases to answer questions such as, "Do interdisciplinary teams produce more translational research?" (3) Ranging across a number of statistical areas such as resampling techniques and using non-parametric functional techniques to succinctly summarize longitudinal data for the purposes of testing and treatment selection.

Identifying optimal level-of-care placement decisions for adolescent substance use treatment.
Authors: Agniel D, Almirall D, Burkhart Q, Grant S, Hunter SB, Pedersen ER, Ramchand R, Griffin BA.
Drug Alcohol Depend
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Provision of Social Services and Health Care Quality in US Community Health Centers, 2017.
Authors: Kranz AM, Mahmud A, Agniel D, Damberg C, Timbie JW.
Am J Public Health
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Motivational interviewing and culture for urban Native American youth (MICUNAY): A randomized controlled trial.
Authors: D'Amico EJ, Dickerson DL, Brown RA, Johnson CL, Klein DJ, Agniel D.
J Subst Abuse Treat
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Estimates of healthcare spending for preterm and low-birthweight infants in a commercially insured population: 2008-2016.
Authors: Beam AL, Fried I, Palmer N, Agniel D, Brat G, Fox K, Kohane I, Sinaiko A, Zupancic JAF, Armstrong J.
J Perinatol
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Using Ancillary Sociodemographic Data to Identify Sexual Minority Adults Among Those Responding "Something Else" or "Don't Know" to Sexual Orientation Questions.
Authors: Elliott MN, Dahlhamer JM, MacCarthy S, Beckett MK, Orr N, Guerino P, Agniel D, Saunders CL, Schuster MA, Ng JH, Martino SC.
Med Care
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Incentivizing Excellent Care to At-Risk Groups with a Health Equity Summary Score.
Authors: Agniel D, Martino SC, Burkhart Q, Hambarsoomian K, Orr N, Beckett MK, James C, Scholle SH, Wilson-Frederick S, Ng J, Elliott MN.
J Gen Intern Med
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Understanding U.S. Health Systems: Using Mixed Methods to Unpack Organizational Complexity.
Authors: Ridgely MS, Duffy E, Wolf L, Vaiana M, Scanlon D, Buttorff C, Leitzell B, Ahluwalia S, Hilton L, Agniel D, Haviland A, Damberg CL.
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Overt Perceived Discrimination and Racial Microaggressions and their Association with Health Risk Behaviors among a Sample of Urban American Indian/Alaska Native Adolescents.
Authors: Dickerson DL, Brown RA, Klein DJ, Agniel D, Johnson C, D'Amico EJ.
J Racial Ethn Health Disparities
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An Integrated Approach to Measuring Sexual Orientation Disparities in Women's Access to Health Services: A National Health Interview Survey Application.
Authors: MacCarthy S, Martino SC, Burkhart Q, Beckett MK, Schuster MA, Quigley DD, Ng JH, Agniel D, Elliott MN.
LGBT Health
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National racial/ethnic and geographic disparities in experiences with health care among adult Medicaid beneficiaries.
Authors: Martino SC, Mathews M, Agniel D, Orr N, Wilson-Frederick S, Ng JH, Ormson AE, Elliott MN.
Health Serv Res
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