Kenneth David Mandl, MD
Kenneth Mandl, MD
Donald A.B. Lindberg Professor of Pediatrics, Boston Children’s Hospital
Director, Computational Health Informatics Program, Boston Children's Hospital
Professor of Biomedical Informatics, Harvard Medical School (Secondary)

Kenneth Mandl, whose clinical training and experience is in pediatrics and pediatric emergency medicine, is Director of the Boston Children’s Hospital Computational Health Informatics Program (CHIP). He was a founding member of the Center for Biomedical Informatics, where he has been the PI or Co-PI of several grant funded projects, including the transformative SMART Platforms initiative to design the "app store for health" and the Accessible Research Commons for Health (ARCH) across Boston hospitals and nationally. Mandl received his MD from Harvard Medical School, his MPH from the Harvard School of Public Health and his clinical training from BCH, where he also did back-to-back fellowships in Clinical Effectiveness and Medical Informatics.

How NFTs could transform health information exchange.
Authors: Kostick-Quenet K, Mandl KD, Minssen T, Cohen IG, Gasser U, Kohane I, McGuire AL.
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Machine learning in medical education: a survey of the experiences and opinions of medical students in Ireland.
Authors: Blease C, Kharko A, Bernstein M, Bradley C, Houston M, Walsh I, Hägglund M, DesRoches C, Mandl KD.
BMJ Health Care Inform
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Cardiac Catheterization and Hemodynamics in a Multicenter Cohort of Children with Pulmonary Hypertension.
Authors: Rosenzweig EB, Bates A, Mullen MP, Abman SH, Austin ED, Everett A, Fineman J, Feinstein J, Hopper RK, Kinsella JP, Krishnan US, Lu M, Mandl KD, Raj JU, Varghese N, Yung D, Handler SS, Sleeper LA.
Ann Am Thorac Soc
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Increased Prevalence of Familial Autoimmune Disease in Children With Opsoclonus-Myoclonus Syndrome.
Authors: Santoro JD, Kerr LM, Codden R, Casper TC, Greenberg BM, Waubant E, Kong SW, Mandl KD, Gorman MP.
Neurol Neuroimmunol Neuroinflamm
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Data-driven clustering identifies features distinguishing multisystem inflammatory syndrome from acute COVID-19 in children and adolescents.
Authors: Geva A, Patel MM, Newhams MM, Young CC, Son MBF, Kong M, Maddux AB, Hall MW, Riggs BJ, Singh AR, Giuliano JS, Hobbs CV, Loftis LL, McLaughlin GE, Schwartz SP, Schuster JE, Babbitt CJ, Halasa NB, Gertz SJ, Doymaz S, Hume JR, Bradford TT, Irby K, Carroll CL, McGuire JK, Tarquinio KM, Rowan CM, Mack EH, Cvijanovich NZ, Fitzgerald JC, Spinella PC, Staat MA, Clouser KN, Soma VL, Dapul H, Maamari M, Bowens C, Havlin KM, Mourani PM, Heidemann SM, Horwitz SM, Feldstein LR, Tenforde MW, Newburger JW, Mandl KD, Randolph AG.
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Machine-learning-based predictions of direct-acting antiviral therapy duration for patients with hepatitis C.
Authors: Feldman TC, Dienstag JL, Mandl KD, Tseng YJ.
Int J Med Inform
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Patient-led data sharing for clinical bioinformatics research: USCDI and beyond.
Authors: Gordon WJ, Gottlieb D, Kreda D, Mandel JC, Mandl KD, Kohane IS.
J Am Med Inform Assoc
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HIPAA and the Leak of "Deidentified" EHR Data. Reply.
Authors: Mandl KD, Perakslis ED.
N Engl J Med
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Measuring the effects of sleep on epileptogenicity with multifrequency entropy.
Authors: Sathyanarayana A, El Atrache R, Jackson M, Alter AS, Mandl KD, Loddenkemper T, Bosl WJ.
Clin Neurophysiol
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Validation of an internationally derived patient severity phenotype to support COVID-19 analytics from electronic health record data.
Authors: Klann JG, Estiri H, Weber GM, Moal B, Avillach P, Hong C, Tan ALM, Beaulieu-Jones BK, Castro V, Maulhardt T, Geva A, Malovini A, South AM, Visweswaran S, Morris M, Samayamuthu MJ, Omenn GS, Ngiam KY, Mandl KD, Boeker M, Olson KL, Mowery DL, Follett RW, Hanauer DA, Bellazzi R, Moore JH, Loh NW, Bell DS, Wagholikar KB, Chiovato L, Tibollo V, Rieg S, Li ALLJ, Jouhet V, Schriver E, Xia Z, Hutch M, Luo Y, Kohane IS, Brat GA, Murphy SN.
J Am Med Inform Assoc
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