Kun-Hsing Yu, MD, PhD
Kun-Hsing Yu, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics

Kun-Hsing "Kun" Yu received his PhD in Biomedical Informatics and PhD Minor in Computer Science from Stanford University, and he obtained his MD from National Taiwan University, Taiwan. His research focuses on the integration of quantitative histopathology image patterns with multi-omics (genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics) profiles to advance cancer research and clinical practice. His team has developed fully-automated algorithms to analyze whole-slide histopathology images at scale, discovered the molecular mechanisms underpinning the microscopic phenotypes of tumor cells, and identified novel cellular morphologies for patient prognosis. His research interests include quantitative pathology, machine learning, and translational bioinformatics.

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The impact of stage-related features in melanoma recurrence prediction: A machine learning approach.
Authors: Wan G, Leung B, Nguyen N, DeSimone MS, Liu F, Choi MS, Ho D, Laucks V, Duey S, Sullivan RJ, Boland GM, LeBoeuf NR, Liu D, Gusev A, Kwatra SG, Sorger PK, Yu KH, Semenov YR.
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Prognostic role of inflammatory diets in colorectal cancer overall and in strata of tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte levels.
Authors: Ugai T, Liu L, Tabung FK, Hamada T, Langworthy BW, Akimoto N, Haruki K, Takashima Y, Okadome K, Kawamura H, Zhao M, Kahaki SMM, Glickman JN, Lennerz JK, Zhang X, Chan AT, Fuchs CS, Song M, Wang M, Yu KH, Giannakis M, Nowak JA, Meyerhardt JA, Wu K, Ogino S, Giovannucci EL.
Clin Transl Med
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Prediction of early-stage melanoma recurrence using clinical and histopathologic features.
Authors: Wan G, Nguyen N, Liu F, DeSimone MS, Leung BW, Rajeh A, Collier MR, Choi MS, Amadife M, Tang K, Zhang S, Phillipps JS, Jairath R, Alexander NA, Hua Y, Jiao M, Chen W, Ho D, Duey S, Németh IB, Marko-Varga G, Valdés JG, Liu D, Boland GM, Gusev A, Sorger PK, Yu KH, Semenov YR.
NPJ Precis Oncol
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Association of Race and Socioeconomic Disadvantage With Missed Telemedicine Visits for Pediatric Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Authors: Brociner E, Yu KH, Kohane IS, Crowley M.
JAMA Pediatr
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Survival Prediction After Neurosurgical Resection of Brain Metastases: A Machine Learning Approach.
Authors: Hulsbergen AFC, Lo YT, Awakimjan I, Kavouridis VK, Phillips JG, Smith TR, Verhoeff JJC, Yu KH, Broekman MLD, Arnaout O.
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Large-scale real-world data analysis identifies comorbidity patterns in schizophrenia.
Authors: Lu C, Jin D, Palmer N, Fox K, Kohane IS, Smoller JW, Yu KH.
Transl Psychiatry
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Outdoor mass gathering events and SARS-CoV-2 infection in Catalonia (North-East Spain).
Authors: Miron O, Yu KH.
Lancet Reg Health Eur
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Ten quick tips for deep learning in biology.
Authors: Lee BD, Gitter A, Greene CS, Raschka S, Maguire F, Titus AJ, Kessler MD, Lee AJ, Chevrette MG, Stewart PA, Britto-Borges T, Cofer EM, Yu KH, Carmona JJ, Fertig EJ, Kalinin AA, Signal B, Lengerich BJ, Triche TJ, Boca SM.
PLoS Comput Biol
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Integrative multiomics-histopathology analysis for breast cancer classification.
Authors: Ektefaie Y, Yuan W, Dillon DA, Lin NU, Golden JA, Kohane IS, Yu KH.
NPJ Breast Cancer
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Real-world data analyses unveiled the immune-related adverse effects of immune checkpoint inhibitors across cancer types.
Authors: Wang F, Yang S, Palmer N, Fox K, Kohane IS, Liao KP, Yu KH, Kou SC.
NPJ Precis Oncol
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