Nathan Patrick Palmer, Ph.D.
Nathan Patrick Palmer, PhD
Data Scientist in Biomedical Informatics
Director, Healthcare Data Science Program
10 Shattuck Street, Room 425, Boston, MA 02115

Nathan Palmer received a PhD in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, studying machine learning, protein folding, and functional genomics. He then held a postdoctoral research position in the lab of Isaac Kohane at Harvard Medical School during which his research interests expanded to include large-scale genomics, epidemiology, and medical informatics. He currently directs the Healthcare Data Science Program in the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Harvard Medical School. This program brings access to tens of billions of medical facts from tens of millions of patients to the research community at HMS, and develops both the technical and methodological solutions to perform novel analytics at scale. Dr. Palmer continues to work in the area of functional genomics and epidemiology through collaborations with the various Harvard teaching hospitals.

Evaluation of the association of bariatric surgery with subsequent depression.
Authors: Yuan W, Yu KH, Palmer N, Stanford FC, Kohane I.
Int J Obes (Lond)
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Pre-existing autoimmune disease and the risk of immune-related adverse events among patients receiving checkpoint inhibitors for cancer.
Authors: Kehl KL, Yang S, Awad MM, Palmer N, Kohane IS, Schrag D.
Cancer Immunol Immunother
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Probabilistic record linkage of de-identified research datasets with discrepancies using diagnosis codes.
Authors: Hejblum BP, Weber GM, Liao KP, Palmer NP, Churchill S, Shadick NA, Szolovits P, Murphy SN, Kohane IS, Cai T.
Sci Data
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Systemic nature of spinal muscular atrophy revealed by studying insurance claims.
Authors: Lipnick SL, Agniel DM, Aggarwal R, Makhortova NR, Finlayson SG, Brocato A, Palmer N, Darras BT, Kohane I, Rubin LL.
PLoS One
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Data-driven analyses revealed the comorbidity landscape of tuberous sclerosis complex.
Authors: Yu KH, Miron O, Palmer N, Lemos DR, Fox K, Kou SC, Sahin M, Kohane IS.
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Doubly robust matching estimators for high dimensional confounding adjustment.
Authors: Antonelli J, Cefalu M, Palmer N, Agniel D.
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Postsurgical prescriptions for opioid naive patients and association with overdose and misuse: retrospective cohort study.
Authors: Brat GA, Agniel D, Beam A, Yorkgitis B, Bicket M, Homer M, Fox KP, Knecht DB, McMahill-Walraven CN, Palmer N, Kohane I.
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Association of Sex With Recurrence of Autism Spectrum Disorder Among Siblings.
Authors: Palmer N, Beam A, Agniel D, Eran A, Manrai A, Spettell C, Steinberg G, Mandl K, Fox K, Nelson SF, Kohane I.
JAMA Pediatr
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Utilization, Cost, and Outcome of Branded vs Compounded 17-Alpha Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate in Prevention of Preterm Birth.
Authors: Fried I, Beam AL, Kohane IS, Palmer NP.
JAMA Intern Med
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Patients Visiting Multiple Emergency Departments: Patterns, Costs, and Risk Factors.
Authors: Lyons TW, Olson KL, Palmer NP, Horwitz R, Mandl KD, Fine AM.
Acad Emerg Med
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