Noa Dagan
Noa Dagan, PhD
Research Fellow in Biomedical Informatics, Harvard Medical School
Mentor: Isaac Kohane, MD, PhD

Noa Dagan is a public health physician and researcher. She holds an MD and an MPH from the Hebrew University, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Ben-Gurion University.

Dagan is the director of data and AI-driven medicine at the Clalit Research Institute – the research institute of Israel's largest healthcare organization, insuring and treating over 50% of the Israeli population. Her responsibilities include the development and implementation of digital healthcare solutions to promote preventive, proactive and personalized medicine. She leads the entire lifecycle of AI-driven interventions, from conception, through machine-learning modeling, to implementation in medical practice.

Dagan's research focuses on practical implementations of machine-learning algorithms using clinical data, with a specific interest in the prevention of cardiovascular events and osteoporotic fractures. Dr. Dagan is also active in research of ethical aspects of machine-learning models such as fairness.

Developing a COVID-19 mortality risk prediction model when individual-level data are not available.
Authors: Barda N, Riesel D, Akriv A, Levy J, Finkel U, Yona G, Greenfeld D, Sheiba S, Somer J, Bachmat E, Rothblum GN, Shalit U, Netzer D, Balicer R, Dagan N.
Nat Commun
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Maternal age and cardiovascular and metabolic disease outcomes: a retrospective cohort study using data from population-based electronic medical records.
Authors: Feldman B, Orbach-Zinger S, Leventer-Roberts M, Hoshen M, Dagan N, Balicer R, Eidelman LA.
J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med
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Automated opportunistic osteoporotic fracture risk assessment using computed tomography scans to aid in FRAX underutilization.
Authors: Dagan N, Elnekave E, Barda N, Bregman-Amitai O, Bar A, Orlovsky M, Bachmat E, Balicer RD.
Nat Med
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Translating clinical trial results into personalized recommendations by considering multiple outcomes and subjective views.
Authors: Dagan N, Cohen-Stavi CJ, Avgil Tsadok M, Leibowitz M, Hoshen M, Karpati T, Akriv A, Gofer I, Gilutz H, Podjarny E, Bachmat E, Balicer RD.
NPJ Digit Med
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External validation and comparison of three prediction tools for risk of osteoporotic fractures using data from population based electronic health records: retrospective cohort study.
Authors: Dagan N, Cohen-Stavi C, Leventer-Roberts M, Balicer RD.
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Effects of Social Network Exposure on Nutritional Learning: Development of an Online Educational Platform.
Authors: Dagan N, Beskin D, Brezis M, Reis BY.
JMIR Serious Games
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Erbin is a negative modulator of cardiac hypertrophy.
Authors: Rachmin I, Tshori S, Smith Y, Oppenheim A, Marchetto S, Kay G, Foo RS, Dagan N, Golomb E, Gilon D, Borg JP, Razin E.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
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