Ruslan A Soldatov, Ph.D.
Ruslan Soldatov, PhD
Research Fellow in Biomedical Informatics, Harvard Medical School
Mentor: Peter Kharchenko, PhD

Ruslan Soldatov received his PhD in computational biology from the Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Moscow. His research was focused on structure and function of non-coding RNAs and molecular mechanisms of mutational processes in human. His current research is focused on lineage tracing and cell fate decision analysis of developmental processes based on single-cell sequencing data.

RNA velocity of single cells.
Authors: La Manno G, Soldatov R, Zeisel A, Braun E, Hochgerner H, Petukhov V, Lidschreiber K, Kastriti ME, Lönnerberg P, Furlan A, Fan J, Borm LE, Liu Z, van Bruggen D, Guo J, He X, Barker R, Sundström E, Castelo-Branco G, Cramer P, Adameyko I, Linnarsson S, Kharchenko PV.
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Evolution of Local Mutation Rate and Its Determinants.
Authors: Terekhanova NV, Seplyarskiy VB, Soldatov RA, Bazykin GA.
Mol Biol Evol
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Differential processing of small RNAs during endoplasmic reticulum stress.
Authors: Mesitov MV, Soldatov RA, Zaichenko DM, Malakho SG, Klementyeva TS, Sokolovskaya AA, Kubatiev AA, Mironov AA, Moskovtsev AA.
Sci Rep
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APOBEC-induced mutations in human cancers are strongly enriched on the lagging DNA strand during replication.
Authors: Seplyarskiy VB, Soldatov RA, Popadin KY, Antonarakis SE, Bazykin GA, Nikolaev SI.
Genome Res
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Probing-directed identification of novel structured RNAs.
Authors: Vinogradova SV, Sutormin RA, Mironov AA, Soldatov RA.
RNA Biol
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Polymerase ? Activity Is Linked to Replication Timing in Humans: Evidence from Mutational Signatures.
Authors: Seplyarskiy VB, Bazykin GA, Soldatov RA.
Mol Biol Evol
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RNASurface: fast and accurate detection of locally optimal potentially structured RNA segments.
Authors: Soldatov RA, Vinogradova SV, Mironov AA.
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[Statistical methods of comparative genomic analysis based on diffusion processes].
Authors: Soldatov RA, Mironov AA.
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[Genome-wide identification of functional noncoding RNAs,].
Authors: Vinogradova SV, Soldatov RA, Mironov AA.
Mol Biol (Mosk)
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