Shamil Sunyaev
Shamil R. Sunyaev, PhD
Professor of Biomedical Informatics, Harvard Medical School
Professor of Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital; Distinguished Chair in Computational Genomics
10 Shattuck Street, Room 311A, Boston, MA 02115

Shamil Sunyaev is a computational genomicist and geneticist. Research in his lab encompasses many aspects of population genetic variation including the origin of mutations, the effect of allelic variants on molecular function, population and evolutionary genetics, and genetics of human complex and Mendelian traits. He developed several computational and statistical methods widely adopted by the community. Sunyaev obtained a PhD in molecular biophysics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and completed his postdoctoral training in bioinformatics at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). He is an Associate Member at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. He co-leads the NHGRI-funded Genome Sequencing Program Analysis Center and is actively involved in the Undiagnosed Diseases Network and in the Brigham Genomic Medicine program. He also co-organizes the Boston Evolutionary Genomics Group.

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Applicability of the mutation-selection balance model to population genetics of heterozygous protein-truncating variants in humans.
Authors: Weghorn D, Balick DJ, Cassa C, Kosmicki JA, Daly MJ, Beier DR, Sunyaev SR.
Mol Biol Evol
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Associations of variants In the hexokinase 1 and interleukin 18 receptor regions with oxyhemoglobin saturation during sleep.
Authors: Cade BE, Chen H, Stilp AM, Louie T, Ancoli-Israel S, Arens R, Barfield R, Below JE, Cai J, Conomos MP, Evans DS, Frazier-Wood AC, Gharib SA, Gleason KJ, Gottlieb DJ, Hillman DR, Johnson WC, Lederer DJ, Lee J, Loredo JS, Mei H, Mukherjee S, Patel SR, Post WS, Purcell SM, Ramos AR, Reid KJ, Rice K, Shah NA, Sofer T, Taylor KD, Thornton TA, Wang H, Yaffe K, Zee PC, Hanis CL, Palmer LJ, Rotter JI, Stone KL, Tranah GJ, Wilson JG, Sunyaev SR, Laurie CC, Zhu X, Saxena R, Lin X, Redline S.
PLoS Genet
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Polygenic adaptation on height is overestimated due to uncorrected stratification in genome-wide association studies.
Authors: Sohail M, Maier RM, Ganna A, Bloemendal A, Martin AR, Turchin MC, Chiang CW, Hirschhorn J, Daly MJ, Patterson N, Neale B, Mathieson I, Reich D, Sunyaev SR.
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Quantification of frequency-dependent genetic architectures in 25 UK Biobank traits reveals action of negative selection.
Authors: Schoech AP, Jordan DM, Loh PR, Gazal S, O'Connor LJ, Balick DJ, Palamara PF, Finucane HK, Sunyaev SR, Price AL.
Nat Commun
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Reply to 'Selective effects of heterozygous protein-truncating variants'.
Authors: Cassa CA, Weghorn D, Balick DJ, Jordan DM, Nusinow D, Samocha KE, O'Donnell-Luria A, MacArthur DG, Daly MJ, Beier DR, Sunyaev SR.
Nat Genet
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Error-prone bypass of DNA lesions during lagging-strand replication is a common source of germline and cancer mutations.
Authors: Seplyarskiy VB, Akkuratov EE, Akkuratova N, Andrianova MA, Nikolaev SI, Bazykin GA, Adameyko I, Sunyaev SR.
Nat Genet
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Admixture mapping identifies novel loci for obstructive sleep apnea in hispanic/latino americans.
Authors: Wang H, Cade BE, Sofer T, Sands SA, Chen H, Browning S, Stilp AM, Louie TL, Thornton TA, Craig Johnson W, Below JE, Conomos MP, Evans DS, Gharib SA, Guo X, Frazier-Wood AC, Mei H, Yaffe K, Loredo JS, Ramos AR, Barrett-Connor E, Ancoli-Israel S, Zee PC, Arens R, Shah NA, Taylor KD, Tranah GJ, Stone KL, Hanis CL, Wilson JG, Gottlieb DJ, Patel SR, Rice K, Post WS, Rotter JI, Sunyaev SR, Cai J, Lin X, Purcell SM, Laurie CC, Saxena R, Redline S, Zhu X.
Hum Mol Genet
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Functional architecture of low-frequency variants highlights strength of negative selection across coding and non-coding annotations.
Authors: Gazal S, Loh PR, Finucane HK, Ganna A, Schoech A, Sunyaev S, Price AL.
Nat Genet
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PINES: phenotype-informed tissue weighting improves prediction of pathogenic noncoding variants.
Authors: Bodea CA, Mitchell AA, Bloemendal A, Day-Williams AG, Runz H, Sunyaev SR.
Genome Biol
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A literature review at genome scale: improving clinical variant assessment.
Authors: Cassa CA, Jordan DM, Adzhubei I, Sunyaev S.
Genet Med
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