Joe Kossowsky

Joe Kossowsky, PhD, MMSc

Master of Medical Science in Biomedical Informatics, Class of 2017
Biomedical Informatics Research Training Fellow, 2015-2017

Joe Kossowsky is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Boston Children's Hospital. His background, both clinically and in research, is in mental health in children and adolescents. Most of his post-doctoral research fellowship at BCH was spent investigating novel clinical designs in children. "Given both ethical and feasibility concerns, the large simple trial favoured in adult research is not easy to conduct in pediatrics. In this regard, I joined the MMSc program as the methods taught are incredibly interesting and underutilized in my areas of interest such as (1) epidemiology and treatment trials for mental illness in children (2) how we classify uncertain diagnoses (3) finding associations and new hypotheses about disease origins from large data sets and (4) predicting long-term trajectories for children with chronic illnesses, e.g. anxiety and depression."

Previous Education
  • PhD, Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience, University of Basel, Switzerland - 2012