Sharon Lojun

Sharon Lojun, MD

Biomedical Informatics Research Training Fellow, 2008-2011

Sharon Lojun is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Medical Information Systems Unit. Lojun is also an informatician and gynecologic oncologist, board certified in OB/GYN and gyn onc. "I am interested in the impact of westernization upon women, specifically risks of developing breast, ovary, and endometrial cancer, and all things related to steroid and peptide hormone exposure. My informatics interests are in data mining, risk-model creation, ontologies, and natural language processing. I am also interested in research advising for faculty and residents, students." She completed her SM degree in biomedical informatics at MIT last year. "I hope to become facile in the tools which will help me glean information from electronic data sets, including data mining and NLP, and data representation. From this, I hope that I am able to contribute to the care of women by identifying risk factors and associations related to the risk of women's cancers which become more prevalent as our world becomes more globalized." Presently, Lojun is working on educational software development using simulation of physiologic systems and pathophysiologic entities. She is also interested in the use of tablet technology and artificial intelligence techniques as an aid to medical problem solving.

Previous Education
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology - 2010
  • MD, Cornell University Medical College - 1988
  • BS, George H. Cook College of Environmental Sciences - 1984